February 25, 2009

TCO of procuring and operating LANpoint Windows CE data collection computers is 43% to 59% of standard PCs


LANpoint computers shave Total Cost of Ownership with small footprint, power-sipping electrical consumption, low maintenance, and long service life.

Pick the OS for the terminal that suits your needs best

All Intelligent Instrumentation data collection computers now are available with choice of Windows CE.NET version 4.2 OS or Windows CE version 5.0 OS

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February 25, 2009, Tucson, Arizona. 

Over their projected 10-year lifetime, compact LANpoint AutoID computers provide autoID functions like barcode and RFID at about ½ the cost of standard PCs.  Based on conservative assumptions, the LANpoint 7 marginal Total Cost of Ownership is 59% of the cost of a PC.  The LANpoint PLUS TCO is 43%.  Depending on plant space cost and cost of electricity and other overhead, the savings can be more.  For instance, cost per square foot of a work area is assumed to be 0.91 per month per square foot; specialized workstation costs per square foot are sometimes many times that amount.


Variables such as initial purchase cost, software costs, work area, power consumption, replacement, and other cost assumptions were examined.  A summary showing the pertinent cost comparisons is shown below.

Cost of PC vs. LANpoint Computers over 10-year life of a typical autoID application

PC with LCD


LANpoint 7

Initial Hardware Purchase Price




Initial Software Purchase Price




Setup and Connectivity








Replacement Cost - PC @ 4 years




Software license tracking costs




Infrastructure (space) costs @ $0.91/sq. ft./month




Power consumption @ $0.12/KWh











While a widely quoted Gartner study estimates that the true cost of a PC can be more than 6 times the initial purchase price depending on the application and implementation strategy, this analysis focuses directly on a typical light industrial autoID application.  It does not include other less quantifiable costs, which can decrease the relative TCO of the LANpoint computers even more:

· Non-productive use of operator time - disallowed: the LANpoint has no games, restricts loading of unauthorized software, and a lock-down browser can completely eliminate unproductive Web surfing

· Hardware warranties and maintenance - decreased: there is little or no maintenance on LANpoint; most customers forego extended warranties because of long life and high reliability

· IT Personnel Salaries and Benefits - decreased, safer: users cannot install unauthorized or unlicensed software on LANpoints; no virus threats affecting the Windows CE OS have been reported

· Backup and Recovery Process Costs - decreased or eliminated: depending on the application design, there will be no permanent data stored only on the LANpoint; the OS and utilities rarely if ever need to be recovered

· TCO costs that are considered to be unaffected by the PC/LANpoint choice are costs for technical support, staff development, hardware and software implementation, operations infrastructure, network hardware and software, server hardware and software, recurring communications, management, technology training, and insurance.


LANpoint computers provide real-time information display and data collection in demanding manufacturing applications such as Work-in-Process tracking, AutoID interface to ERP/WMS/MES systems, Inventory Control, Shipping and Receiving, Production and Labor Reporting, and Time and Attendance. With no fans or moving parts, the compact and rugged NEMA 12 (IP54) case design is water and dust resistant allowing for installation in environmentally harsh conditions. The LANpoint PLUS computers run Microsoft's embedded Windows CE.NET operating system, are powered by an XScaleÔ processor, and have onboard non-volatile storage expandable to more than 500MB. Web-enabled system monitoring, maintenance and deployment tools and wired/wireless networking economically meet any data collection need now and into the future.


LANpoint PLUS and LANpoint 7 standard features include large keys, small installation footprint, and three RS-232 ports that can be used for standard serial I/O such as barcode scanners, scales, and calipers, and as outputs to printers.


The LANpoint PLUS has a 2 line x 40 character backlit LCD display, and the LANpoint 7 has a ½ VGA graphical display with or without touchscreen. 


Intelligent Instrumentation provides everything necessary to get the LANpoint terminals installed and running quickly, ensuring a rapid return on investment. 


Intelligent Instrumentation's FactoryView® is a family of USA designed and manufactured products interfacing the machines, processes, and operations of an enterprise to data management systems. The company manufactures a complete line of industrial, LAN-ready data collection computers, automated time and attendance solutions, and microterminals for data collection and operator interface/control panel applications.  Intelligent Instrumentation also manufactures data acquisition, test, measurement and control systems for desktop and portable PCs, including distributed I/O systems for Ethernet and Internet networks.  The company has a worldwide network of sales and service offices.


For additional information, contact Intelligent Instrumentation, Inc.; 3000 E. Valencia Road, Suite 100; Tucson, Arizona 85706.  In the USA, telephone (800) 685-9911 (Sales and Information) or fax (520) 573-0522. Outside the USA, telephone (520) 573-0887 or fax (520) 573-0522. Visit their web site at: http//www.lanpoint.com;email: sales@lanpoint.com.

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