LANpoint Fixed Mount Automated Data Collection System

The LANpoint family of automated data collection terminals are all open-architectured for the greatest functionality in current network topologies and value retention as standards and networks evolve in the future. From the most current embedded Windows CE operating systems to highly functional DOS operating systems, Intelligent Instrumentation offers a breadth of features unparalleled in the industry. All terminals are designed with long-life and embedded industrial components and have mountings that provide different levels of environmental protection, from drip/dust resistant NEMA-12/IP54, to spray-down NEMA-4/IP66 ratings. A full range of accessories are available for ease of installation in many, many different environments and application needs.


LANpoint Power X terminals - click pic for more information

The LANpoint Power X Series fixed mount data collection terminals are an economical industrial user interface with a small footprint. The terminal features a 640 x 240 VGA display with color and touch screen options, integral keyboard with excellent tactile feedback, 10/100BaseT Ethernet, optional wireless IEEE802.11b/g WiFi Ethernet and/or WAN networking, flash and SD/MMC card storage alternatives, as well as interfaces to a wide range of devices including bar code, magnetic stripe readers, proximity (RFID) readers, USB devices of all kinds, and biometrics. Very popular for all types of general-purpose data collection systems, the LANpoint Power X is  heavily used for inventory barcode systems, work-in-process tracking, and as an industrial time clock.

LANpoint PLUS compact and rugged Windows CE data collection terminal

Compact & Powerful LANpoint PLUS terminal Click pic for more information


The new LANpoint PLUS is a small yet powerful terminal used in full-featured Automated data collection systems.  Economical price, industrial components and case, and future-proof open architecture design make this an exceptional bargain, now and into the future. 

Features Windows CE.NET v4.2 or Windows CE v5.0 Operating System, Intel XScale Processor, full keyboard; AutoID-ready, all in a compact, rugged housing.

The small rugged housing makes it perfect for unobtrusive installation in all sorts of automated data collection systems - from work-in-process tracking, to parts geneaology tracking, to barcode inventory tracking. 

Ethernet Time clocks! Wide choices in employee identification methods - bar code, magnetic stripe, Radio Frequency ID (RFID) Proximity Readers and/or Biometric Fingerprint Readers!  Intelligent Instrumentation time clocks are all Ethernet-enabled, WiFi-capable, industrial time clocks with many autoID and other configuration choices as well as choices between simple text or a high quality graphics display.  These are tough clocks designed specifically for the always tough time-and-attendance and physical access-control environments - whether in an office, a factory, warehouse, or outside exposed to the elements, Intelligent Instrumentation has the right solution.

Windows CE  Ethernet industrial time clocks/access control terminals for Time and Attendance and physical access control applications

LANpoint Ethernet time clocks and access control terminals click a pic for more information

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LANpoint Power X
Fixed Mount

Fixed Mount

Ethernet Time Clocks and Access Control Terminals - click on a pic to see choices

Typical Applications


Inventory/Lot Tracking

Job/Labor Reporting

Work-in-Process Control (WIP)

Shop Floor Data Collection

Manufacturing Data Collection

Machine Monitoring

Security Access Control

Quality Assurance SPC

Time & Attendance


Tool Crib

Supply Chain

Product Genealogy

Parts Traceability

Document Control

Shipping & Receiving

Access Control

Application Stories

Eveready SAP & LANpoint CE Data Collection

Warehousing ITW Shakeproof

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