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    Compact, rugged, industrial data entry and display tables.

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The TM2500 and TM2700 are compact, rugged, industrial data entry and display terminals. They are intended for use as operator panels and as service/setup panels in microprocessor based equipment. The only difference between the two units is that the TM2500 has an RS-232-C communications interface, while the TM2700 has an RS-422 communications interface.

These units offer a large, 16-character liquid crystal display. The viewing angle may be operator adjusted electronically. The sealed keyboard consists of 24 keys, including a numeric keypad and six back-lit function keys. These units include an audible tone generator which may be used to provide a key “click,” and may be controlled by the host.

The TM2500/TM2700 offers two operating modes: character mode and block mode. In character mode, characters are transmitted as a key is depressed. In block mode, output messages are transmitted as a whole when the Enter key is pressed. Multidrop operation, in which a number of terminals are connected to the same RS-422 communications line, is possible with the TM2700 in block mode. Each terminal has a unique address for multidrop operation. Operating parameters, which can be selected, are viewing angle, mode, turnaround delay, baud rate, data format, handshaking, local echo, terminators, key click, key repeat, and cursor type. These selections are made during SETUP through the keyboard. Most can be controlled by downline host commands as well.



  • Liquid Crystal 5×7 Dot Matrix with Cursor
  • 16 character display
  • Character-height: 9.66mm (0.380")
  • 80 character display buffer
  • Display can flash or blank
  • 3 cursor font options


  • Silicon rubber elastomer
  • 24 keys
  • Can withstand a million operations and 135g of actuation force
  • Travel: 0.03"

Communications Interface

  • TM2500: RS-232-C
  • TM2700: RS-422
  • Transmission: serial asynchronous
  • Code: ASCII
  • Baud rate: 300, 1200, or 9600 (user selectable)
  • Protocol: character mode (XON/XOFF), block mode, and multiple block mode
  • Max block length: 80 characters input, 16 characters output
  • Max multidrop: 32 units/lines
  • DE-9S (communications), DE-9P mating Molex 5219 series (power)

Power Requirements

  • Type: external
  • Voltage: +5Vdc+-5% or +7.5Vdc to +12Vdc
  • Current – TM2500: 250mA max
  • Current - TM2700: 350mA max
  • Connector: Molex 5219 Series


  • 104.2mm x 180.4mm x 26.9mm (4.102″ x 7.102″ x 1.060″)
  • 266g (10.5oz)
  • Case material: ABP Plastic


  • Operating temperature: 0° to +50°
  • Storage temperature: -20° to +70°
  • Relative humidity: 5% to 95% (non-condensing)
  • Keyboard display resists dust, liquid
  • Case resists dust
  • Gaskets included with terminal




Operator interface cable, for use with TM2500 microterminals. RS-232, DE-9 male to DE-9 female, 3 meters



Power supply, 9 VDC



Wall/desk stand



Industrial mounting kit



Mounting brackets



Slot reader bracket



6-foot communications cable



Keypad cover


Microterminal Selection Guide

Wondering which operator interface model is right for you? Here is a handy tool for comparing connectivity and features of all of our 'microterminal' products.

TM25000-2700 User Manual

User manual for the CTM150 and CTM170 Terminals.